What is a Financial Broker

An expert in financial matters, a Financial Broker provides services to both companies and individuals. Services can include: personal financial planning, life cover, serious illness cover, income protection, health insurance, savings, investments, pensions, retirement planning, business financial planning, inheritance tax planning, mortgages and commercial finance. Financial Brokers differ from Insurance Brokers whose services typically include house insurance, car insurance and commercial insurance.

Why do I need financial advice?

As the state of the Government finances continues to be unstable, and with people generally living for longer, long-term pension planning and savvy investment is more important now than ever. It’s vital that you clearly understand what you are investing in and your investment must meet your needs and risk tolerance. Financial products typically have a series of technical, investment and taxation features, and when regulators rush to “simplify”, that can often be at the expense of product quality and appropriate investments.

While some consumers may be in a position to find their own way through the jargon and technical details, others will benefit from the expert advice and guidance of a Financial Broker.