Planning for your retirement is one of the biggest investment decisions you’ll ever make. It can involve replacing your standard of living for 20 or 30 years, so it’s important that you choose a pension plan that exactly fits your needs and can get the best results for you.

What is a PRSA?

What is a PRSA?

A PRSA is suited if you are self-employed, an employee, working part-time or unemployed. It is portable, meaning you can bring it with you when you change jobs. If you are an employee, your employer can also make contributions to your plan.  Learn more

What is a Personal Pension

What is a Personal Pension?

Personal pensions are suited if you are self-employed or an employee working for an employer who does not provide a pension scheme. You can make contributions and claim tax relief, subject to certain specified limits. Learn more

What is an Executive Pension?

What is an Executive Pension?

Executive pensions are designed for company directors/owners and key personnel within an organisation. Both the employer & the employee can make contributions, however, Revenue stipulate that the employer must make a meaningful contribution on a continuing basis. There are a number of options on retirement providing you with a certain amount of flexibility in how you draw your benefits.  Learn more

What is an A(M)RF

What is an A(M)RF?

An A(M)RF is a tax free post retirement investment vehicle. Investments within an A(M)RF grow tax free of Irish income & capital gains tax. The A(M)RF is the “vehicle” that allows you to pick and choose the investments that suit your attitude to risk. An A(M)RF investment could be a bank account, a tracker bond, a share portfolio with a stock broking house or an investment with an insurance company, or a mix of these and more.

Before commencing an ARF you must first take out an AMRF with €63,500 (unless you have a guaranteed income for life of €12,700 per annum) and the remainder goes into your ARF. You cannot access the initial investment in your AMRF before age 75, after which it becomes an ARF. Growth on your AMRF can be taken, subject to tax.

Income taken from an ARF is subject to tax.  Learn more


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