Car – Yes!      House – Yes!      Golf Clubs – Yes!     iPad – Yes!     Jewellery – Yes!     Ourselves – Eh??

Customers will insure all of the above but what about themselves??

Protection cover, whether Life Cover, Serious Illness or Income Protection, can help protect you, your family or your business financially if you die or become seriously ill within a certain time period.

What is Life Insurance

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is the term used to refer to a group of insurance products that pay out on the death of the person named on the policy. People take out these policies for a number of reasons but most generally to pay their mortgage should they die while it is outstanding or to provide for their families if they pass on unexpectedly.  Learn more

What is Mortgage Protection

What is Mortgage Protection insurance?

Mortgage protection policies pay if the policy holder dies while their mortgage is outstanding. If a person has a mortgage on their home then they are generally required by law to have a mortgage protection policy. The value of the policy is designed to match the outstanding mortgage at any given time.  Learn more

What is Level Term Life Insurance

What is Level Term Life Insurance (Level Term)?

This provides for a fixed amount of life cover (or serious illness cover if chosen) for a specified term. Level Term Cover provides a lump sum to your estate if you die before the end of the selected term. It can also pay out in the event of you being diagnosed with a specified illness during the term, should you include this benefit.  Learn more

What is Serious Illness Insurance

What is Serious illness insurance?

A Serious Illness policy pays out in the event of the policy owner becoming seriously ill with an illness specified on the policy. These policies can either be stand alone or part of a mortgage protection or level term policy.  Learn more

What is Income Protection

What is Income Protection?

Income Protection insurance provides a replacement income should the policy holder become unable to work through accident or illness whilst the policy is in force. It does not cover you if you become unemployed.  Learn more

Other Protection Products

Other Protection Products

Business Protection

Many companies in Ireland are run by a relatively low number of key people. What happens to the business should any of these key people become seriously ill or pass away? Who will take their place? Business Protection Cover can provide the funds to help solve these issues. We can help make this potentially complex area simple for you.

Pension Term Assurance:

Pension Term Assurance has all the advantages of life assurance with the added bonus of tax relief available on premiums.  Learn more


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